Saturday, November 19, 2011

Behind The Lyrics: Dear Mr. Potter

Another Short Behind the Lyrics.

I found my home that day

I found a spot I could consider home in the Harry Potter series, Hogwarts

I didn't know what may happen

I didn't know this was about to impact my life oh so much.

The train left as I wondered about

I wondered were the story was going.

Impacting my life.

The moment when I read the first book changed my life for the better.


Dear Mr. Potter, I writing to give you my thanks

I really want to thank him and Jo

Dear Mr. Potter, I wonder if you'll reply

I wonder if she'll ever hear this song/letter

to my cries of joy and trimuph for being with you

And know I'm happy with the story and I'm changed because of it

till the very end.

I stuck with Harry, till the very end.

And that's behind the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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